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The pearls wire : high.ways of collectibles

To celebrate a virtual Christmas before the relative-time, let’s make garlands !


– Playing with pearltrees of LabVIEW 2019 –


A set of inheritance pearls. Out-of-the-box nicely organized –

(horribly bugged before the f1 2019 patch)
There's no "index"/"search" function ???
Surprising. Probably not the right use, but it's still a point.


Still lost in the garland ? Take a look in the gulf. It is good too –



That, on the other hand, is happily crazy : a map of a discretized space of pearls –


Pearltree nightmare ! A glimpse of a reentrancy madness –


But this… could be very useful –


Well, think to try this also –



– Maybe a great medium for IoT’s ? –








– Please thread carefully –

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