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Die Bestie Innerhalb

– Somehow, dusk has fallen with a twist, lighting your haunt vile house,






over the bridge of love,

where the pledge of hate flows,

where buffet of sadness has been setted,

with cheeky sauce of cheeks. –





– After dressing the human service,





playing with flesh,

calling juice of ghosts,





was shown, under the pale blue moon,

under the threat,





the dances of fallen,

hostages of denial,







fails issues of fails,

fake monkeys,





fake singers of angry men,





nocturnal snake of diurnal Diane,

the fall of brothers,





the fall of keepers,





and love betrayer. –


– All swimming in the darkest sticky plague,






hot Rails to Hell,

with armies of burning brains,





and the joke’s on you. –


– But one day We, the braves, stand







leaving the wolves where they should be,

to hunt the shadows. –







– One day we stop,





to push juice where it must be. –





– Education,


learning to read

is lighting a fire. –






– One day We, the voodoo people, yes ; of civilization,


we wake up. –






– We proclaim with fury the right. –


– We want, through trembling and terror,

to force mankind into paradise. –







– We seem barbarians, but we are saviors. –


– We demand light,

with the mask of the knight. –







– Peaceably to assemble,





what better place than here,

and face the light after. –







– What better time than now ? –









– Best twiced joke | ever –

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