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Song of the Pale Guardians






– After the high fracture,





along the snake path,

was a terrible King Kong file

keeping green blobs of curious squares. –





– He was grumbling aloud in drooling, that anyone came near should have petals tickets





for its train’s queendom. –







– ‘Was lazing a foot in a lac near a lilac shrub, fishing for pearls with my red rod,





when the golden dragon’s calling

reflected its dazzling pale blue moon over a black wonderwall. –





– Fractured in a twiced mass Hall effect,





the keeper faded away

after spitting out cores,

faster than a cannonbal. Where was lilac, saved aside in the future ? –






– Now, the bully, the bad and the ugly are all frozen gone,





heart’s shrubs grows up,

and here keepers reborn in rebuilt. –







– The rest is pets sounds. –





– Maybe the tickets of this nice guardian would be useful one day,




out of the time,

beyond the snake path ?

I round care for awhile –







– Who knows –










– Why only live once ? –


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